Friday, July 18, 2008

Top Ten Things that Annoy Your Hiring Partner

I've taken a poll of some of my hiring partner friends.  Here, I present you with a list of the Top Ten Things Law Students Do that Annoy Your Hiring Partner During the Summer:

10. Ask to leave work early for various non-emergency related reasons (e.g. guests are coming and I need to clean up my house).

9.   Put in a request for reimbursement for a $1.35 cup of coffee you had while on brief work travel.

8.     "Personalize" your summer associate office as if it is your full time office -- hanging pictures and diplomas on walls!

7.   Asking your secretary to make you medical and other personal appointments.  

6. Wearing overly casual clothes on business casual days.  I realize this can be a tricky category... we will discuss this topic in more detail in a later post.

5. Failing to turn in assignments on time.

4. Leaving summer associate events super early.  This is especially bad if it is a small event and people will notice your absence.  I was at one once where the summers were introduced to the attorneys and guests -- but one gal had left to go to a "better party."  Her absence was noted.

3. Being rude to support staff.  If you say thank you to everyone who helps you, you would be amazed at how the staff will respond.  Support staff work hard to help make you and the firm look good to clients and other third parties.  DO NOT treat them like doormats.  DO treat them with respect and show your appreciation.

2. Seeking to date support staff/attorneys.  The flip side of number 3, above, is being "overly friendly" to support staff or others in the office.  Please, people, remember:  this is a job interview -- yes, the whole summer!   You will have plenty of time for dating after the summer associate program is done.  Be professional and focused.  

1.  Failing to show up -- for work, events, etc.  If you are invited to an attorney's house for a summer associate event -- RSVP (by the deadline!) "yes" and show up on a timely basis.  It is not appropriate to "pop by" at 10:45 p.m., or to email the next day (unless you were locked up, in which case don't bother emailing).   These are people at home.  They are hosting the event for YOU. Show up on time - do not bring guests unless guests are invited and you have RSVP'd.  Be charming and pleasant.  Be respectful.  DO NOT take off your flip flops (btw, don't wear flip flops!) and put your bare feet on the partner's couch/chair, etc -- YES, I saw this one happen myself.  YOU ARE NOT AT HOME.   Talk to the host's wife/husband/partner, talk to the other attorneys and guests.  Leave when others appear to be leaving.  It would be nice to send a handwritten thank you the next day or two.  


Doug said...

Great blog (if you're a real hiring partner). If not, well, clever anyway..

I'm sure many of us would appreciate some insights on the often secretive practices of law firm hiring.

Hiring Partner said...

Thanks, Doug. I think I am real. I know I'm real because I will be so busy with fall recruiting soon that I may not have time to post. But, I will try.