Sunday, November 16, 2008

networking again

HP returns, sorry for the delay there.  The news out there in the legal market is grim.  HP's firm has not had economic layoffs and did plan conservatively for next summer and fall incoming class. If you are a law student and anxious, I would say stay in touch with your firm.  For instance, if you are invited to any firm events (such as a holiday party) and you can make it, show up and socialize (no drunks though, not helpful to future employment).  Keep your eyes and ears open about how the firm is doing -- google searches, etc.  

For those of you out there, you need to continue to develop your personal and professional network.  A couple weeks ago, I witnessed a master networker in action.  This guy was at a community service event and he was connecting with all sorts of people - in house, private firm, etc.  He sent an email the next day circulating different people's emails to each other.  He explained to me that as a GC, it is so important to network because you never know when your company will be sold, go out of business, etc.  Get out of your offices and connect with old and new friends.  


Anonymous said...

Question about that...

What about those of us who are going to work in a law firm 3000 miles away from our law school? There aren't any firm events to attend, etc. Is it appropriate to send a holiday card or something along those lines to interviewers/people who were helpful?

Hiring Partner said...

yes! holiday card is certainly appropriate (nothing overly religious please).

f-3 said...

Glad to see that you haven't given up on the blog!

Hiring Partner said...

Hi f-3, thanks. HP was just busy with new client business, travel, and some other stuff. HP has to say the slew of layoffs is certainly depressing. HP does not recall things being this bad during HP's career, unless it was and we just didn't know about it because it was before Internet spread of news.

Anonymous said...

Dear HP,

I go to a top school, did well above median, and struck out this fall in big law.

What did I do wrong?

What jobs should I pursue for the summer?

How will firms look at me for 3L OCI?


Anonymous said...

A while ago you discussed how someone's minority status ultimately plays a small role in their selection. I wanted to know how you generally value honors such as moot court, mock trial, journal, and law review, weighted against maybe someone who does who has a higher G.P.A. or something else.

Is moot court and mock trial board as minor as minority status?

Anonymous said...

Any comments on prospects for summer associates this summer? Are we all screwed?