Thursday, March 26, 2009

quick suggestions

HP has been really busy, hence the quiet on the post.  HP actually worked most of last weekend and thus the blog and social networking had to take a back seat.   Sometimes it just happens and in this economy, when there's work, you got to jump on it.  

I've been asked for some quick suggestions for job hunting.  Some of these are geared toward more experienced folks but they sometimes do have entry level openings:

- (in house jobs - association of corporate counsel) (free search feature)
- (free)
-- (West service, subscription - but does appear to have different jobs than the other sites, and worth a couple of months subscription

-- craigslist under legal - no laughing -- smaller firms (who may be more apt to hire entry level - do post there; also temporary work.

-- industry and professional groups often have their own sites -- such as speciality-specific bars and groups like women's bar associations.

-- (fed jobs - safest place these days).

Obviously, if you know someone who may know someone at a place can get your resume into the right hands as opposed to a large email box, that is helpful.  Ask around. Do not be shy.  I have a laid off friend who saw a job, I believe on, and asked me if I knew anyone at this company. I did not, but asked my partner, who does have a contact there.  He sent the resume on with a note.  Now, friend may or may not get the interview but at least it is a better shot than just a regular submission.

If you have suggestions you are willing to share, please feel free to post them in the comments.  


Anonymous said...

HP - My start date has been delayed to January, with the option of doing a 1-year fellowship for a stipend from the firm. Do you have thoughts on this type of arrangement, which is increasingly common? Is it a bad idea to take the fellowship?

If I do take the fellowship, do you think it's a bad idea to do something non-legal, like teaching overseas?

If we take the January start date, do you have any suggestions for what to do that would be productive in the interim?

Hiring Partner said...

GP Here:

I think its a great idea to take the fellowship. Assuming it does not impose any financial difficulty on you, and you are comfortable that you have a firm commitment to return to the firm at the completion of your fellowship, its a great resume builder. I love seeing something different on an associate's resume - and it doesn't need to be something legal. As to your last point, I dont think anyone down the road is going to raise an eyebrow at what you did between May and January, especially since I am assuming you have a bar exam in there to prepare for, right? Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I'm a 2L who is summering with a firm that is deferring its incoming associates (current 3Ls) to fall 2010, which would be my start date in normal times. The firm offered deferred incoming associates the usual stipend for getting public interest work. I have three questions:

1) Not knowing anything about the firm, and assuming I do good work over the summer, what would you say are my chances of getting an offer?

2) If I do get an offer, do you think it most likely that the offer will be for fall 2011? I can't imagine the firm bringing in two associate classes at the same time.

3) If I do get an offer at the end of the summer (for either 2010 or 2011), do you think it too risky/dumb to participate in fall recruiting again as a hedge against the possibility that the firm will revoke the offer? (I'd aim for a job with government or an apparently more healthy firm). It might be risky because screening interviews at my school are conducted in a central location, so my firm's HP could presumably see me or my name on another firm's interview list.

Anonymous said...

As a current 3L who is also potentially facing that same situation with delayed start dates, can you do a more detailed post on this? It is becoming quite common for firms to do this, but there is alot of confusion among law students about whether to take the deal or try to go for the earlier date

Anonymous said...

I second the question for 2Ls summering at firms that are delaying graduating 3Ls start dates until fall 2010 when the current 2Ls are expected to start.

How are firms thinking this is going to work?

Anonymous said...

I'd also like to hear how you think the 3L delayed start dates will affect this years summer associates.