Wednesday, September 10, 2008


A woman commenter asked whether it is still necessary to wear a skirt suit vs. a pant suit to interviews.  In most larger cities, a nice pantsuit is perfectly acceptable.  Perhaps there are smaller markets where the traditional skirt reigns, but most of the women attorneys  I know and surveyed think a tailored pantsuit is appropriate.  Should be paired with appropriately fitting shirt -- no gaps, cleavage, etc.  Accessories tastefully done.  The main point is that you want to present a professional, serious appearance and if there's a big gap showing your bra, this will distract from the interview.  A little silly to discuss, I realize, but since you asked, I answered (plus it was kind of an easy one). 


e. said...

Thanks, HP.

I know it's a little silly to discuss. But on the other hand the Thou Shalt Wear a Skirt Suit lobby is big, so it's good to hear a (presumably) impartial opinion.

Hiring Partner said...

I don't know where this "skirt" lobby is based, but I can tell you that my friends and I are not trailblazers when it comes to dress and we say pantsuits are fine. The kind that are pretty much the same as skirt suits (like navy blue, or pinstripes) but with pants.

Anonymous said...

While you're on the topic of attire, HP, how conservatively should men dress? Is a light gray suit acceptable? A lightly-striped blue shirt? A lightly-striped green shirt? A solid lavender shirt? Can shoes be loafers?