Wednesday, September 3, 2008

turning down call backs

My new friend E asked another good question about whether one should decline callbacks to firms in which you are no longer interested when you already have an offer.  Yes, you should politely decline the offer.  The best way to do this is to get in touch (phone preferable) with the person who extended the call back an inform them that you have another offer and that you appreciate the call back but you need to decline.  We understand this happens.  We HPs don't want people who would rather be someplace else, and we understand that not everyone chooses our firms, so it is fine for you to decline.  This will prevent us from wasting time of our attorney and recruiting staff and open up a slot for another classmate of yours or student from another school.   If you just get voicemail, go ahead and leave a voice mail and follow up with an email.  


Anonymous said...

all we get...after a week?

Hiring Partner said...

sorry anonymous, HP had been vacationing and then had some work and family issues to attend.

HP will try to resume more frequent posting, but HP is also busy with recruiting and that little thing we call work.

Did you have other topics you would like me to address or are they posted?

Richard said...

I have one. Can you offer some advice to 1L's looking for work after their first year? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

What do you think are the most impressive extracurriculars in law school as you go over apps? (Or at least types of extracurriculars if it's hard to be specific.)

Anonymous said...

I am curious whether HP's and interviewers are generally honest in their statements about the firm or whether these should be taken with a grain of salt since they are trying to "sell" their firm.

On the one hand I understand they want to put their best foot forward, but on the other hand, setting false expectations can be a waste of the firm's resources if the associate jumps ship early on because they were misled.


Anonymous said...

Totally unrelated question. What should we do if we didn't get an offer from our summer position. My summer firm only accepted about 40% of our class (large firm). I didn't get any complaints and I am working on getting references.